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    Form Fields


      Is there a maximum number of Form Fields a PDF can have and be saved into reader extended format? Or is there a maximum number of times a file can be edited before it errors out like Quark used to do?


      I have an interactive PDF used as a project intake form. When editing it I am unable to save it to reader extended format after adding 2 additional form fields. This file was originally created in 2014. I can make all the other edits to exiting fields and save it out repeatedly, however when adding the two additional check boxes the PDF will no longer save to reader extended. Erring out with "This document could not be Reader Enabled."


      Thank you for your help.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          No and no. However, applying these rights should be the last step in your workflow. First add all of your fields and scripts, and when done apply the rights and save the file under a new name.

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            CLSTENBY Level 1

            I always keep the original form (before reader extended) so I can return and make edits. Those have an "_I" naming convention. After all edits are complete I will save reader extended with the naming convention of "_IR" for interactive reader.


            The file I have been working with now all of the sudden is freaking out with the addition of two check boxes. I can make all the edits I want to all the existing form fields and get the form to go to reader extended. But the addition of the two text boxes are breaking the PDF.