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    Either components or runtime sharing?

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      I've got problem with simultaneous using runtime library import and using
      components form User Interface group in Flash 8 Pro. What I've done:

      1. I have created library containing one MC with just simple circe. Next in
      linkage section of symbol I set up option "export for runtime sharing", gave
      name "circlesymbol" and typed in URL "blabla" (it seems that this field is
      not used but must be filled up). I tried to use proper URL address of this
      SWF but it has no influence on anything.

      2. Then I created second SWF with any UI component (e.g. list component). It
      works fine. Next I decided to create new symbol "Symbol 1" in library panel.
      In the linkage section, option "import for runtime sharing" has been
      selected and field "name" was filled up with "circlesymbol". SWF still works
      fine but when symbol "Symbol 1" was dragged and dropped into to the stage
      all UI components stopped working. I can see only its frames without any
      details, just rectangles surrounding white areas. Imported symbol looks fine
      in the stage. Since imported symbol was removed from the stage (not from the
      library), components started working properly again.

      Is any solution to this problem?