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    Sharing the spell check text file with multiple users (Shared Resource)

    SGRoeh Level 1

      We upgraded to RH2015 this year and one of our goals was to implement a global way of accessing the Spell Check text file so all the writers are working from the same spell check list.


      So, in one topic there may be a reference that is currently not in the spell check file:



      When you rt-click and select Spelling | Add to Dictionary it gets added into an obscure .txt file located in the C:\Users\<username> folder:




      The text file is an alphabetized non-delimited file containing all the words that have been added. Based on the other language files it appears the file is empty when RH is first installed so I don't think there's a default list for the spell check functionality. Also, all words added from all projects are in this same file - not sure what Adobe was thinking but I digress.




      With multiple writers, I was hoping we could share the same list but I don't see how since this is tied to the specific user account.


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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          JaredHess Level 1

          Hi Steve,


          Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's a way to define that pathway. I looked and there's not a registry that points to that file either. The closest I got was this Lexicons key in the registry. Not sure what it's for but it allows you to define the location for Personal Dictionary.tlx.


          But this folder/file don't exist on my system. And the added.txt dictionary is a .txt file, not a .tlx file.


          (Btw, here's a related post on spell checking folders. can i change the dictionary for spell checking )


          I think we'll have to come up with a script-based solution, something along these lines:
          * Whenever we append the dictionary, we also modify a dictionary name of the same type that's committed in our source control repo.

          * We then update each user dictionary whenever we open a project from that dictionary in the source control.


          Something like that might allow us to synchronize dictionaries.