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    Question RE:  Exporting Video in Premiere Elements 14


      I am just learning this software, though I used it many years ago in school.  Trying to do a basic export of the video (not a final cut yet), in Expert mode.   Finding the export option is not a problem.  I'm just not seeing any way to set the START and END Time of the movie.   I have multiple clips on multiple tracks.  Some are de-enabled, and some extend farther on the timeline than the actual movie does, because they are also unused clips.   I do not want to delete the unused files, and I don't want to consolidate the movie to one video clip/file.  I may go back and make changes.


      How can I set the Start and Stop time of the movie?   I am not seeing any markers or options to create "insert" points for the export.   If setting start and stop points is for some reason not an option, how should I proceed?