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    "Renew subscription" - when Photoshop is started

    Dmitry Shurshilin

      I use Creative Cloud plan for photographers and since last week I have got a error that I need to renew my subscription. But the latest payment was successful and currently enough money for new payment (should be in mid of June).
      When I tried to open/change payment details for my plan every time the same error - PMT_000008.

      I tried to add the same card again and now I have two plans in my account with different payment dates.

      But I still have no chance to open Photoshop -- the same "Renew your subscription".


      Of course I've already tried "Renew your subscription" message when you launch an Adobe Creative Cloud application  but it didn't help me.


      Could you please help me to renew my subscription and remove extra plan from my account? I don't want to pay twice for non-working software.

      I've tried for whole day to contact support in Russia but it was unsuccessful.