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    I can't import .CR2 files.


      I have just started with Lightroom CC but have been working with Lightroom for some time now. I upgraded in an attempt to fix the very issue that has caused me to come here.


      When attempting to import photographs, the files simply do not show in the import dialogue box. Photographs imported before the problem began are still accessible and editable as normal.


      All software is up to date.

      It does not matter where I attempt to import from.

      My MacBook can still read the .CR2 files as normal.

      No error messages show, the files simply do not show up (not even greyed out).

      Drag and drop method also doesn't work.


      I'm hoping there is a simple setting that I have missed to fix the issue as I'd really like to avoid having to go through the conversion process from .CR2 to .DNG.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.