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    Illustrator plugin UI using Qt 5.x

    panduvittala Level 1

      I had developed a plugin to illustrator using Qt 4.8. It has a panel UI that embeds Qt UI using qwinwidget on windows. It was working fine without any issues. I am required to upgrade Qt to 5.4 now. I am finding that the widgets inside panel UI do not receive focus/keyboard input anymore. For example, I have a QTextEdit in the panel. It used to work. Now I cannot type anything. The textbox does not even receive focus (no cursor). Right click does not bring the context menu.


      Strangely, if I dock the the panel, it starts working, and continues to work till the textbox loses focus. I compared the qwinwidget code from my 4.8 plugin source. It is exactly the same as current version - it has both Qt4 and Qt5 with #ifdefs.


      Anybody faced this issue? Any solution? or pointers on where to look/how to debug? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.