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    I'm having trouble with the stand-alone version of Lightroom 6.


      I am having trouble with Lightroom 6—so much trouble that I am at present unable to use it.


      (1.) I purchased the stand-alone version of Lightroom 6—not CC. I purchased the disk not a download.

      (2.) I installed it and used it for months without any problems.

      (3.) When I clicked on the desktop icon to open it--about three weeks ago—I received a message that I could (1) purchase it or (2) try it for 30 days. Obviously, I couldn’t choose either of these options because both of them would require me to pay for the program again—either right away or in 30 days—if I wanted to keep using it. If I deleted this message, Lightroom would not open. So, I was locked out of Lightroom even though I had already paid for it.

      (4.) Since I had the disk, I decided to install Lightroom again. This allowed me to use Lightroom again. I have been using this new install without problems for several weeks; however, when I clicked on the desktop icon tonight to open Lightroom, I got the same message again: either buy it or agree to a 30-day trial. So, I am locked out again.

      (5.) I decided to install it again. I was able to install the program from the disk again; however, when I tried to open Lightroom, I received the following message (not the exact wording): “You have installed Lightroom on too many computers” or perhaps it was “You have used this serial number for too many installations’—something along these lines. (I can’t seem to bring the message up again, or I would give you the exact wording.) So now I am completely locked out.

      (6.) Prior to these difficulties, I had Lightroom installed on my main desktop and on one laptop that I used when I travel. That’s two installations, and I installed it twice again on my desktop computer to try to get around the problems described above. However, I have looked carefully at my installed programs, and there appears to be only one installation of Lightroom 6—not three.

      (8.) I would appreciate any suggestions for resolving this mess.