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    LR-PS transfer files error


      Working through Adobe's LR and PS Classroom In a Book (yes I know newer version soon but using older one). Using LR and PS CC. In moving files between programs, my PS edits are not showing in LR and some of my original LR edits are not showing either when return photo from PS. Process I am following:

      1. import photo into LR as DNG. Edit exposure in LR.

      2. Edit Photo in PS CC - add text. Save and close photo. Saves as TIFF.

      3. Back in LR, convert to BW.

      4. Edit TIFF in PS (Edit Original). Change text.

      5. Open in LR again. This is where I'm seeing the problems. I've tried it many times and the problems are not consistent. Sometimes, I don't see the text change made in step 4. Other times, I see the text change in the Develop Module but not in the thumbnail in Library Module. Sometimes, the BW conversion in Step 3 completely disappears from both modules; other times it shows in Develop but not in Library. Sometimes the text change in Step 4 shows in both Library and Develop Modules but is a different color in each. Tried closing both programs  and reopening thinking there was some sort of sync error, but not helpful.

      Can someone please tell me what is happening? Thanks for any advice you can give.

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi caroleh,


          Make sure Photoshop CC is updated: Keeping Photoshop Up-To-Date 

          and if it is Lightroom CC, you should update that to CC2015.5.1: Keeping Lightroom Up-to-Date 


          Also, go to Lightroom Preferences > File handling > increase the cache size to 80-90GB > relaunch Lightroom and again check for the same workflow and let us know if that helps.




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            caroleh Level 1

            Unfortunately, no, updating both PS and LR and then increasing cache size in LR did not work. I have the same problem. Repeated whole procedure. The text added in PS in step two shows up black in PS and in LR Library Module but blue in LR Develop Module. The BW conversion added in step 3 in LR does not stick after step 4.  After step 4, when I look at photo in LR again, no BW conversion. It has disappeared. Any other ideas?

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              caroleh Level 1

              I tried editing in PS as "Edit with  LR adjustments" when sending to PS after step 3. The BW conversion sticks but I still have the issue of the different text color in LR modules and I really didn't want to create another copy and wanted the PS layers able to be edited again which is why I initially used Edit Original.

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                Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

                Sorry to know that it did not work.

                Another suggestion would be to go to Lightroom Preferences > Performance > uncheck "use graphics processor" > relaunch Lightroom and then, reproduce.

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                  caroleh Level 1

                  No, unfortunately unchecking the graphics processor did not make a difference. I had made some changes in both LR and PS preferences file handling that were suggested by Adobe's book.  It doesn't look like any of these changes could be the problem. I attempted to revert to default just in case but couldn't find a way to do that.

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                    Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

                    If you choose 'Edit original' it ignores the Lightroom edit and opens the file exactly how you saved it the first time from Photoshop. If you choose to edit a copy with Lightroom edits it will open the file with the black and white edit, but your layers will be flattened.


                    Lightroom works on flattened files. You can not have a file with both layers and Lightroom edits.