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    Unable to save (*.CPT) file in After Effects CS6. Please help!

    thethao Level 1

      I am running script file in after effects CS6. As you can see in the picture, my script file named "Framemotion_sports.jsxbin"


      To run the script file in after effects, I go: File->Scripts->Run script file. Then I chose the file "Framemotion_sports.jsxbin"


      As the script file runs, I click "load competition" to load CPT files (for example, Barclays Premier League.cpt). However, when I re-edit or modify, I could not "save as" the file. ( as you can see, "what.cpt" file = 0KB!!!)


      I appreciate if anyone can help. I am amateur so please tell me in the basic way that I could understand. Thanks for helping.