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    Downloaded desktop app but can't click on anything.


      I've downloaded Phonegap and the app opens, but I try to click on the buttons to start a project and nothing happens. Eventually the app closes without my doing and will reopen sometime later. I can't interact with it or get it to work, and I've tried re-downloading it multiple times. Any ideas on what could be going on?

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          herm.wong Adobe Employee

          Hi Lisa,


          Could you provide the following information to help us troubleshoot your issue:


          1. PhoneGap Desktop version / PhoneGap CLI version

          2. PhoneGap Mobile App version

          3. Mobile devices & Mobile OS version

          4. Computer OS version

          5. network type (home/corporate)

          6. is your network using a proxy?

          7. computer / network security (firewall / anti-virus / disk encryption)

          8. are you using VMs on your computer?

          9. do you have multiple network adapters (or virtual network adapters)

          10. are you using VPN?