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    Indesign CC crashes when saving a document


      Hi, i am a new user of Indesign cc for a month and I have the following problem;

      I can save a document a couple times without crashing, before it actually does.

      It does't matter if I use the shortcut of saving through the menu.


      I am working on a iMac (27 inch, late 2013), system OSX El Capital 10.11.5. With the latest version of Indesign CC.


      I have tried the following;

      - Re-installed Indesign CC completely, twice.

      - Cleaned my fonts (I work with FontExplorer X Pro 4.2.1)

      - Updated my iMac and restarted a couple times

      - Cleaned the Indesign Preferences files when starting up Indesign

      - Tried multiple documents, it doesn't matter which one I use. And it doesn't matter it its an older document (CS6, no cloud) of one set up with CC.


      Last week a Indesign file suddenly corrupted, it had grey pages and not wanting to export anymore to PDF.

      Thank God I had a good back up system, but I was not pleased because it was a completely new document, set up with Indesign CC, so I think no coincidence...


      So please, who can help me? I really can't work this way. Everytime it crashes, (every 5 minutes) my latest work is gone.