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    InDesign TIFF problem




      I am using InDesign (Adobe InDesign CC 2015 Build) to create a new document in

      which I want to import a TIFF file with ZIP (deflate) compression (My software created this TIFF file).

      But ID gives me the following error when I try to add the image to the document:


      “Error encountered while reading TIFF image. Image may be damaged or incompatible. Resave the image with different settings and try again.”


      I am developing a Java program that uses the latest version of JAI image io (jai_imageio.jar) and I tried all versions of this jar out there.


      I have written a small test application to verify that TIFF files with ZIP compression (deflate) generated with JAI image io cannot be opened in InDesign.

      If I use other compression schemes it works fine.

      If I resave the generated TIFF file with Photoshop, also using ZIP compression... then it will open correctly in InDesign.


      Looking at the file info -> raw data in Photoshop for both files I see that the resaved file has some settings changed, such as the compression.

      For the original it has this value: <tiff:Compression>32946</tiff:Compression>

      And for the resaved file: <tiff:Compression>8</tiff:Compression>

      But I think these mean the same.


      Clearly I am missing something here.


      So here is my question:


      What can I do to be able to generate TIFF files with ZIP compression that open correctly in Adobe InDesign?