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    Adobe Acrobat Signature Issue: I have a valid/trusted VirtualBadge certificate from my company. Under intended usage it lists "Digital Signature." However, whenever I try to sign a document it repeatedly asks for me to "Add Digital ID."


      I'm using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Version 11.0.16 on Windows 7 Enterprise.


      When I go to Edit>Preferences>Signatures and click "more" under Identities & Trusted Certificates I see my companies Virtual Badge listed (Issuer) and my company e-mail under "name." If I click on Certificate Details and go to "Trust" tab ALL options have a green check mark: Sign documents or data, certify documents, execute dynamic content that is embedded in a certified document, execute high privilege JavaScripts that are embedded in a certified document, perform privileged system operations (networking, printing, file access, etc).


      Under summary in the certificate viewer I see Intended Usage: Digital Signature, Encrypt Keys, Client Authentication.


      So the problem I'm having is I can't seem to get Adobe Acrobat to recognize and use this signature when I try to digitally sign a document. I go to the Digital Signature field in a document and click on it and I get a window that says "Add Digital ID" and prompts me "I want to sign this document using My existing digital ID from *A file, *A roaming digital ID accessed via a server, *A device connected to this computer OR *A new digital ID I want to create now.


      The problem is I already have a valid digital ID and it's not in a file I know of, or on a server, or on a separate device. The digital ID I want to use is already set up and I thought should be auto-recognized when I click on the digital signature field in my document. How do I get the existing/trusted Digital ID from my company to be selected when I click on the digital signature field?


      I will add that I've been signing documents identical to the one I'm trying to sign so I know the issue isn't with the way the document was set up. My company recently gave me a new laptop and all my previous settings that worked flawlessly are now gone and I can't seem to get this working.