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    HTML Help viewer crashes.

      The Problem:

      After making some modifications to a working RH HTML file a crash occurs when trying to view a compiled .chm file.

      The Clues:

      - It doesn't occur right away, but after clicking on a couple links.

      - Sometimes the ".. tell Microsoft about this problem .." dialog tells me that Microsoft HTLM Help Executable has encountered the problem whereas other times it says that hhlauncher.exe had the problem.

      - This problem ONLY occurs when the compiled file is viewed on the computer I compiled it from. If I try viewed the .chm file on another computer it experiences no problems.

      - The "Application Error" dialog following the ".. tell Microsoft about this problem ... " dialog reads: "The instruction at "0x4080df31" referenced memory at 0x4080df31". The memory could not be 'read'."

      What I Tried:

      Tried picking apart the particular project I was working on, taking out things I had recently added etc. When this didn't work, I started over with the project, but it still wouldn't compile. My next strategy is to reinstall RoboHelp.

      Plea for Help:

      I need to get this problem solved so I can view the output of the project I am working on. Can anyone tell me what in the world is going on here?

      Much Thanks -