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    For 'Publish Online', can those files be exported to another server?

    Kevin Spyder

      Hi there,

      I am about to create a newsletter for a client (print) and they want an online version. The Publish Online feature looks great and works great, but my client wants to host the files on their server and not just on Adobe's server. Is there an option to publish the files to another server? The only alternative I could think of was to 'save as web page complete' on the web page so that all files/folders would be saved to a folder but that didn't work.


      I need to let my client know right away what the options are so hopefully someone can answer this asap. This question has probably been asked before but I couldn't find the answer. The 'export as html' option from InDesign isn't the answer, but Publish Online works great, just can't figure out how to get those files to another server. Thank you!