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    Display Framesets with Search

      I have a RoboHelp HTML file that uses Framesets.
      The top frame is navigation... referencing other pages in the help file as well as outside sources that display in the bottom frame.

      The problem arises when I try to search. I search for a word and both the topnav and bottom htm files that contain that word are displayed not the Framesets themselves. This proves pretty useless as the content without the nav is less than helpful and the nav without content is completely useless.

      Is there a way to tag only the pages I want to display in a search... or vice versa? There are some stand alone pages but the bulk for now are framesets.

      I did a search and found that Dan24678 suggested JavaScript could fix this issue in this post: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=449&threadid=898208&hig hlight_key=y&keyword1=javascript

      I haven't gotten this to work. It works in the browser if I type in the path for the top or bottom frame both are displayed... however, within the RoboHelp structure, when I perform a search and click the link for the top frame, only the top frame displays and vice versa for the bottom frame. If this worked I could deal with the fact that it would be a bit confusing with two topics displaying for any given keyword.

      Thanks for any help you can offer.
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          Roger N Level 2
          LadyWolf101103 -

          Welcome to the forum.

          Apologies for the lack of response to your question. The answer is not clear-cut. Also, I'm assuming (!) that you are talking about HtmlHelp, and not WebHelp?

          There are two avenues that come to mind; one is to write a Javascript that will coordinate your frames; this will work when your user selects a topic, but how will it know what topic to display if she chooses the navigation pane? Perhaps a default pane with the remaining links from the search? That could be done.

          The second avenue is to abandon the use of the frames, and insert the nav elements into a non-scrolling header. You can use the "overflow : " property to keep it steady as a frame, and insert the navigation as a .js file. That might even keep it from showing in the search, but don't quote me on that.