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    Acrobat Reader crashes after digitally signing a document

    jozefc2016 Level 1

      Hi there,


      until a week ago (or so) I used to digitally sign .pdf documents created with MS Word and exported as .pdf file before sending them by e-mail. I was using two different computers for this (a notebook and a desktop), both of them running Windows 10 (legally activated and regularly updated; both of them with Win 10 version 1511 build No. 10586.318). For the digital signature I used a USB dongle with my digital identity (Nexus Personal digital certificate), with a traceable digital certificate valid until December 31, 2016. Everything was working smooth on both computers - until suddenly something happened.


      Now I am unable to digitally sign any .pdf document through Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Version 15.016.20045 using this digital certificate on any of my computers. I tried many different .pdf files created by MS Word, Autodesk Inventor, MS Visio, MS Excel, printed through different pdf printer drivers, pdf files downloaded from the web - non of them can be signed. First I thought the problem is with the certificate since it stopped on both devices - but it works fine with MS Outlook on both of them; I am regularly digitally signing my e-mails with this certificate.


      Then, I uninstalled Acrobat, cleaned the registries reinstalled Acrobat - but the result is the same; still no digital signature. The symptoms are the following: when I insert the signature (marking with a rectangle in the pdf document where it shall be inserted, selecting the certificate and ticking the check-box to lock the document after signing it), Acrobat asks me to save the document; I see the certificate inserted in the document on the screen and obviously the document is saved, but at this moment Acrobat always crashes (hangs indefinitely and I have to stop it by the Task Manager). I can open the saved document, but due to the crash it is obviously missing something in the file, since the signatures are shown as invalid - thus the saved document is useless for me.


      Interestingly, if I create a certificate within Acrobat Reader, I can still sign any document with that certificate; my problem is that our administration requires that the legally binding documents are signed with this particular certificate issued by authorized certificate providers...


      Any idea why this happened with a software working normally before? I suspect that the issue is related to an update (either in Adobe Reader or in Windows 10), but since the updates are mostly happening without any warning in the background, I have no idea which one might be the source of the problem...


      Help please...