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    How to disconnect Lightroom from old computer to new


      I purchased the Lightroom 6 program in December 2015, I recently had a major crash with my old 7 year computer and have purchased a new computer.  I installed the free trial on the new computer and after a few days I got a message telling me how many more free trial days I had left, on that screen it had a link to input my serial number which I did.  Today I got a message when opening Lightroom; "The serial number is already in use by the maximum allowed computers.  You need to deactivate another computer within 30 days to use this product."  It does list two alternatives to try; "Retry activation.  I have already deactivated one of my other computers" which I can not do as I can no longer get on my old computer. It also states; "Provide a different serial number."  I tired to do that but it does not give me a new serial number.  My question is how do I solve this issue?