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    Photoshop /Lightroom Action

    Ricky Austin Photography Level 1

      Good Evening everyone.


      I hope this question has not been asked and more so some can tell me why and how to fix this small but irritating issue.


      Here is the scenario, I hope I have explained it ok...


      • I have a number of 24MP RAW images in my cataloged in Light-room.
      • On opening Light-room and selecting the Image I would like to work with from the develop tab I select edit in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, which opens the image in Photoshop as expected and Light-room is still open.
      • I then select an Action in Photoshop which has Surface Blur as part of the action, the action runs perfect but the section where the surface blur is applied takes approximately 2-3 minutes to complete, which is indicated by green progress bar.
      • Now if i open the exact same image direct from my PC into Photoshop without Light-room and run the same action, the action runs and completes in under 10 seconds with no waiting.
      • I have also run by opening in Bridge first and editing in Photoshop and the action runs perfect no waiting.
      • So the question is way does the action take 2-3 minutes to run if opened in Light-room first?


      Any help would be a great help.