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    Nikon D500 NEF High ISO NR Issue with LR [ duplicate thread: locked]




      My setup is  D500 (firmware: C1.01, LD2.013) + LR v6.51.


      I shot two test photos at iso=25600. One with NR off and one NR=norm. From the LCD I can tell the NR off one is noisier.


      Guess what? these two files's previews are the same in LR,i.e., both are very noisy. The output JPEG files (with default development setting and no noise reduction in LR) are also very noisy. The two 10MB JPEG files are only 2 Bytes off!!


      However, using Irfanview 4.35 to display the two NEF files directly works as expected. That is, the NR=norm is cleaner.


      Obviously, LR v6.51 ignores D500's NR setting.


      Can someone verify this??


      Thank you!




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