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    Adobe Digital Editions - Authorization Needed


      Hi, I have purchased numerous books from Kobe to reader on my Binnatone Clasic ereader.  I have just purchased a new laptop.  I downloaded the new version of Adobe Ditigal Editions 4.5 - still not able to download.  So, Kobo suggested I try the 3.0 version, tried that this time I get message Authorization Needed.  'The vendor account you entered is not associated with the item you are trying to open.'  I have registered with Adobe and have an ID and reset my password.  I just dont know what the problem is.  Can anyone help me on this.  On one of my attempts I managed to download the epub book but when opened on my ereader there was no content in the book.  Also get a USRLink when exporting from Kobe to my ADE on my computer.  I have tried numerous times but has anyone got any suggestions/solutions????

      Thank you