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    Can I use Xcode with PhoneGap


      Hi, Sorry but this is probably a foolish question, but if I build a (ISO) game app with Xcode on my Mac computer. Can I use PhoneGap (or any other Adobe program) to convert my game app to Android and Windows? So I can sell it through iTunes?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          PhoneGap allows you to use web technologies (CSS, JavaScript, HTML) and interface that with native features (provided by plugins). PhoneGap itself does not do any migration of existing code bases. So, if you write an app with Objective C or Swift, PhoneGap can't transmute that into Android's Java or Windows' equivalent.


          Instead you'd write your app once in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and use PhoneGap to target all your desired platforms. But that means writing the app in web technologies in the first place.


          Side note: there is no other Adobe product that I know of that would do any translation of existing code either. There are some non-Adobe tools out there that can let you reuse portions of existing native code, but I have no personal experience with them.


          As far as selling through iTunes, that applies only to iOS apps (not Android or Windows). Each platform has its own store.


          Hope that helps.

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            nathanm68845611 Level 1

            Thank you, this all makes sense!

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              nathanm68845611 Level 1

              Hi Kerrishots,


              Can you tell me what Adobe programs would be best to make a game app using either HTML, CSS or JavaScript?