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    TIFF files


      When I transfer TIFF files, which have previously worked in Photoshop,  from Lightroom back to Photoshop the layers and relevant information is not shown just a "Background" copy.  What have I done wrong?  This has only occured when I started using CC. Terry

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Consider that Photoshop should be the last editing step in post processing of an image.

          When the TIFF comes back to Lightroom it is visible in the library, and it contains any PS layers or adjustment layers.

          If you want to re-edit the TIFF in PS then two options take effect-

          1) Edit with LR adjustments- Flattens the image and applies LR edits before sending to PS as a 'flattened' single layer file. (This is what Terry is seeing)

          2) Edit original- Sends the file to PS maintaining layers.  (LR considers the TIFF to be an 'original' when it appears in the library grid.


          I think it has always worked this way. Lightroom (not being a pixel editor) does not understand layers, so if you do more LR developing of the TIFF then LR must flatten the file first.

          There is a good flow diagram at-

          http://www.lightroomqueen.com/articles-page/whats-the-difference-between-render-using-ligh troom-and-open-anyway-in-the-a…

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            tezbot Level 1

            Thank you for your advice.  This is exactly what I was doing.  I am very grateful. Kind regards, Terry Rutledge