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    Unable to highlight text in fillable form


      Hi guys,

      So I am working on an assignment for university and the prof provides a .pdf file to be edited in Acrobat DC. The assignment is is quite long and has light blue fillable fields after the questions for us to fill in the answers. The instructions in the questions say explicitly to highlight portions of text by choosing "Comments" > "Annotations" or "Drawing Markups" and I haven't have any trouble opening the Comment toolbar. The questions involve copying and pasting DNA sequences which can be up to 4000 characters in length and highlighting different portions. I am able to copy and paste my text into the field, and continue to edit the text, without a problem but once I choose the highlight tool, I am unable to highlight (or the underline tool for that matter) any of the text within the field. The highlight cursor pops up over the text in the blue field and when I attempt to highlight the text nothing happens but it does create a comment note in the sidebar with no apparent effect on the field or PDF at all. I don't have any trouble highlighting the text of the questions which are outside the blue fields. Does anyone know how I can enable highlighting within these fields? It's quite a long document and many of the questions involve highlighting long sequences. I am using Adobe Acrobat DC for Mac.

      Thanks in advance,