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    Updating my already fast Premiere / AE editing workstations


      I'll keep this brief.  I currently have an i7 4930K with 64 GB ram, Quadro K2000 with 2GB and dual 500GB Samsung 840 evo SSDs with an external Samsung T1 500gb ssd [actually we have a couple of machines like this].  We love the external SSDs for our project files so folks can take work home from time to time.  We've dedicated one of the internal SSDs for OS/Programs, etc. and the other for Renders.


      My upgraded machines will have i7 5930k - 64GB ram,  Quadro 4000M with 8GB, 1 Samsung Pro 950 m.2 (os/programs), 1 internal  500GB Samsung 840 evo SSD  or 500GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD (for renders) with an external Samsung T3 500gb ssd (for projects and media).


      It's a lot of money but time is money so faster is better.  My questions are:


      1. Am I missing something important on the new machines?

      2. I feel good about the SSD configuration and GPU but should I consider a different processor?

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          there are several possible problems with what you have listed.


          you are mixing desktop grade hardware (i7 cpu) with workstation grade hardware (quadro gpu). either go full workstation (xeon+quadro) or desktop (i7+gtx). if you are going with the quadro for 10bit display, you might want to look at a display out card from black magic or aja. also supposedly the new gtx 10xx series will support hdr/10bit now, but i haven't seen this tested.


          graphics card)  the quadro 4000m? i think you mean the m4000, which is an underclocked gtx 970. you would be better off with the gtx 1080 for that money. the quadro k2000 is pretty slow, even for your old system. if you are using alot of gpu effects, it may be holding back the rest of the system. you can look at your gpu usage with gpu-z. the quadro m4000 would be 3-4 times faster than the quadro k2000, and the gtx 1080 would be almost 2x faster than the quadro m4000. the gtx 1070 might be around 50% faster than the quadro m4000, and is a bit cheaper. the new gtx 1070 and 1080 cards are still coming to market, so it might be a few weeks for regular cards to show up.


          cpu)  intel has been holding back performance improvements from generation to generation of cpu's. they have been about 6% faster clock for clock, for the last 4 or 5 generations now. so if you are trying to get a faster cpu, you will have to invest in a cpu with more cores, 8 or higher. the haswell-e, i7-5xxx cpu's are also being replaced with the new broadwell-e lineup. the i7-6900k is an 8 core and the i7-6950x is a 10core. if those are out of your price range it will be hard to justify the cost for a very minor speed improvement over the i7-4930k with a new 6 core. the main benefit of a new 6 core system upgrade will be support for ddr4 memory, as it will help with large frame video playback, like 4k. the new 6 core's are the i7-6800k and i7-6850k, they are the same except the 6850k has 40 pcie lanes to support more pcie cards. the 6800k supports 28 pcie lanes, enough for basic systems with 2-4 pcie cards. once you plan on going above 3-4 cards, you may need to look at more expensive motherboards to properly use the 40 pcie lanes as well. the motherboard manuals should show how the pcie lanes are split to the pcie slots and how many devices can be used for which cpu's...


          storage)  the samsung 950 pro speeds are overkill for the os/apps drive, a samsung 850 will be just fine for os/apps. a 500gb 850 evo and 250gb 850 pro will be somewhat similar in performance. if you are using the samsung 840's from the old machine, you could still use those for os/apps and render drives. if you are buying new, the samsung 850's are better drives. the m.2 drives are best for media storage, but you are planning on using the external samsung t1/3's for that, which have 850 evo's inside.

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            scottw62515638 Level 1

            Thanks for your feedback.  We'd be happy as can be if we got "3-4 times faster than the quadro k2000" and while I've read a lot about the GTX 1080, I've also read many reports about the benefits of Quadro over the GTX in general. 


            I will look into the idea of swapping the CPU.  You make a good point.


            On the disk configuration, I've read conflicting reports but do agree the m.2 drive would be better for storage but our workflow doesn't really work for that.  My thoughts were that Windows/programs are always using disk r/w so if I have the money why not use the m.2 for that.  May not be optimal but we'll definitely see performance increase.


            Thanks again for your help.  I'll post back in a week or two on our final configuration and performance comparisons.

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              there are many features the quadro's have that the gtx cards don't, but most don't help in adobe software. if you are worried about reliability, you can purchase a higher quality gtx card. if you are using other software that can make use of the quadro, then you may have reasons to justify the quadro price tag. otherwise that's money for a better cpu or other parts...


              for the m.2, once windows is booted and the adobe software is open, not alot is being done with the os/apps drive. the m.2 as os/apps drive will not make software run faster, just open faster. if you are worried about windows being a drive r/w hog, you can look for online guides to disable unnecessary windows services and scheduled tasks to keep windows system use down.  several folks here are using sata ssd drives like the samsung 850's for os/apps and cache, since os/apps alone doesn't fully use a sata ssd. the m.2 ssd being several times faster than a sata ssd just for os/apps is overkill, again, money that can go into the cpu or something else...


              i'm not against the m.2 as much as the quadro, since the m.2 is faster for the money spent, where as the quadro will cost more for lowered performance.

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                JFPhoton Level 3

                Like Ronin says, the new hardware that is out now blows away older....and even RECENT hardware ! I myself have been waiting for the new Pascal NVidia GPUs and Broadwell E......THAT is the way to go !


                Even if you use the MID level Broadwell E and the LOWER level Pascal, ( the NVidia 1070), you will still get BETTER performance than the current top model of Haswell E and an NVidia Titan GPU, or, 980ti !!!


                .....it's an offer you CAN'T REFUSE !!

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                  JFPhoton Level 3

                  .....except that people using the NVidia 1080 are experiencing problems due to some type of bug in the NVidia driver,and/or incompatibility with the Adobe PPro software.