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    Adobe Lightroom Mobile Sync Issue / Collection Not Syncing but Pics Online Already

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      I have been using lightroom for 1-2 years now after moving from Aperture (Now been using it on the PC for a week). I have around 140,000 pictures and videos on it, of which 95,000 are on lightroom mobile (Apparently 90 videos online).


      I just love it and I am getting frustrated with those "X photos syncing" left. Usually I had no pictures left to sync and collections going quickly online but this is not the case. I have now 3000+ pictures waiting to sync (mostly by adjustment to the pictures I suppose) and 1 new collection I created yesterday evening (Like 10h ago) which contains probably only previously uploaded pictures (and which are online) is just not showing either on the web interface or my iphone Lightroom Mobile.


      What are the suggestions? Can I send a diagnostic file for Adobe to look at it? Please do not suggest to delete the .ircat sync file from computer, did it before and from what I see from the forum it is just not helping in sync issues, also I am checking the web interface, but I have nearly 100,000 pictures, I looked at the latest few thousands (When I imported them all was in sync) and no blacked out pictures.


      I want to use Lightroom Mobile as much as possible but it has many problems and/or is so slow (By the way I have 50Mbps download and 5Mbps upload). Sometimes nothing is moving for days.


      I would love to send you any diagnostic file you want to solve this. Really a hassle when it should be a smooth experience.


      I think Lightroom should include at least a list of pictures being synced for troubleshooting purpose. This seems to be a frequent issue "X pictures not syncing for days, or stuck".

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