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    Resize PageItem height only

    McShaman Level 1

      Just a quick one. I know how to resize a PageItem using the resize method when it takes an array of width and height...


      pageItem.resize(CoordinateSpaces.pasteboardCoordinates, AnchorPoint.centerAnchor, ResizeMethods.REPLACING_CURRENT_DIMENSIONS_WITH, [10, 10]);


      But how do I resize in one direction. I looked at the documentation but it is very confusing.


      values: Data Type: Array of varies

      The width and height values. Legal dimensions specifications: {x, y [, coordinate space]}, {x, resize constraint [, coordinate space]}, or {resize constraint, y [, coordinate space]}; where x and y are real numbers and coordinate space is used to determine _only_ the unit of length for x and y; coordinate space is ignored for the 'current dimensions times' resize method). Can accept: Array of Reals, ResizeConstraints enumerators or CoordinateSpaces enumerators.