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    Mouse wheel scrolling the side bars doesn't work anymore after Wacom installation




      yesterday I got a Wacom PTK-440 (Intuos 4 Pro S) and installed it. Everything's working fine, except one thing:  I found that using my mouse wheel to scroll the side bars in the Library and Develop Mode of LR doesn't work anymore when the mouse is hovering in the bars itself. I can only scroll up/down by bringing the pointer directly over the scroll bar and use the mouse wheel or left click + move the mouse up/down. This has always worked perfectly. There have been no updates of LR or my mouse drivers, so I strongly suspect the Wacom sofware (actual version) has something to do with it.


      Does anyone have experienced this before? Is there maybe some function/option in the Wacom settings that may have triggered a change in the mouse function? I used the search to find some dozen threads about mouse scrolling problems, but nothing that helped.


      System:Win 7 Professional 64-Bit

      Logitech G502 / Logitech Gaming Software Version 8.83.85

      Wacom PTK 440 / Driver and Sofware Version 6.3.15-3

      Lightroom Version: CC 2015.5.1 [Build 1073342]


      Thank you!