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    Check Box checked based on Combo Box Selection



      I have 32 combo boxes with 32 identical selections named Combo Box1.01, Combo Box1.02, Combo Box1.03, etc.

      I have set the combo boxes to immediately commit 32 different states.

      I also have 32 checkboxes named Check Box1.0, Check Box 1.1, Check Box 1.2, etc.

      The checkboxes are labeled ARI, ATL, BAL, BUF etc.

      When I select a state in the Combo Box, I would like it’s corresponding check box to be checked.

      I have put the following code in the Validation box for Combo Box1.01 and Combo Box1.02 to test but it does not work

      if (event.value == "ARI")
      this.getField("Check Box1.0").checkThisBox(0,true);
      this.getField("Check Box1.0").checkThisBox(0,false);

      if (event.value == "ATL")
      this.getField("Check Box1.1").checkThisBox(0,true);
      this.getField("Check Box1.1").checkThisBox(0,false);

      if (event.value == "BAL")
      this.getField("Check Box1.2").checkThisBox(0,true);
      this.getField("Check Box1.2").checkThisBox(0,false);

      --- AND SO ON ---


      Can someone please let me know what I am doing wrong.  I am a newb so please take baby steps.