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    Screen Reader Issue - Reader will not recognize my Alt Text


      Currently working on creating a flyer and a new brochure. The flyer was created on MS Publisher and the Brochure on InDesign.
      I've successfully added the format text in the publisher document so that the reader OUGHT to be able to recognize it...but no luck. I've converted both to PDF as well.




      I've been able to rearrange reading order successfully without any issues and have tagged all pieces of the document properly. The images I would like the screen reader to recognize have all been tagged as a Figure/Caption and all have the appropriate alt text and are on the list in the reading order.
      However, no matter what type of tag I put on the image, the screen reader refuses to recognize the image descriptions I've included as alt. text and just glazes over them. How can i go about fixing this and get the images to read along with the text of the documents?


      I've read various forum posts and have not found anything useful in regards to this issue.

      Any insights?