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    EPS Font Recognition Issue


      I use the program SolidWorks Composer to create .eps files, but when I place them into Adobe InDesign CC 2014, the font changes to something else. Right now the font is set at Arial on Composer and Arial on my InDesign, but it still comes through with some other font. I know a work around this is to edit it with Illustrator, but that is a very inefficient step in my workflow process.


      Is there any way that I can get the font on my .eps files to come in with the correct font right away?


      I talked to someone else who uses the same programs as me, but instead of using InDesign CC 2014, they use version CS6. Is that the only other alternative? If I make that switch, what other capabilities would I be losing?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know nothing about SolidWorks Composer.

          What is the other font that you say is "coming through"?


          One could use Acrobat Distiller to recognize your not embedded font in your system and embed that when converting an EPS to PDF.

          That would one way. You then could replace your placed EPS graphics in inDesign with the PDFs.


          is there something in your workflow with SolidWorks Composer, that requires you to place EPS files?
          Maybe that you are able to open the placed EPS files with Composer, change the contents and update the EPS in InDesign when saving from Composer?




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            taymay12 Level 1

            I don't know what the font is that is coming through because it doesn't say anywhere. But it looks like a 'typewriter' kind of font.


            I do have Acrobat Distiller - but I don't know how to use it. Would that be an extra step again? Or is it a one time thing I can do?


            Yes - I am limited to just having to place the images from Composer into InDesign. All the contents are updated before placing the .eps file.

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Can you provide a download link to a small EPS file saved with Composer?
              Best would be on Dropbox.


              I want to look into such a file.


              If I get you right, you don't need to update the contents when placed in InDesign.
              So there is a slim chance to use Acrobat Distiller to get the right font in.


              When in Distiller you have to point Distiller to the available font on your system.
              And using a preset for converting that makes sure, that the font is embedded in your PDF when you distill your EPS files to PDF.

              This all can fail. It's depending on your system and the used font file. I'm on Mac OSX and not on Windows so I cannot test much in this regards.


              And as I can see there are moduls for Composer to save to PDF as well. I can imagine they are costly…
              And I cannot tell what kind of PDF they can generate.



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                taymay12 Level 1

                I can surely send you a sample .eps file. Where is the dropbox located so I can send it to you?


                The PDFs that Composer can generate aren't compatible for what I need. Otherwise that would be an ideal choice.

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                  Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                  I was able to solve the problem the following way on my Mac OSX 10.7.5.:


                  1. I opened the EPS file with my text editor TextEdit.app and replaced some code:


                  /Arial findfont with /ArialMT findfont

                  /Arial-Bold findfont with /Arial-BoldMT findfont


                  2. Saved a copy of the PostScript code as pure text file with suffix eps.

                  3. Placed the edited EPS in InDesign.


                  Then InDesign was able to embed the right Arial, that was installed with my system, when exporting the pages to PDF. I cannot tell, If that trick will work on Windows.


                  We also could edit the color to make it perfect. The EPS PostScript code is using the setrgbcolor operator for fills and strokes.
                  So it should be possible to substitute this with the setgray operator and appropriate values for solid black and percentages of black, if we want a grayscale EPS file.


                  As an alternative to #3 one could try to distill the EPS to PDF and convert the color to grayscale as well.

                  I did not try this yet.


                  Btw. the first comment in the EPS is:
                  %!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0