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    The problem of Shockwave10 online setup

    WrongAgain Level 1
      It seems the online setup of Shockwave10 has problem. Many times, shockwave movie can not be seen after Shockwave10 is installed on line, especially on Win98/WinXP(I guess it has the same matter in winMe) OS.(And I guess it relates to IE version, but I have no time to test it)
      And if online setup was executed firstly, installing of Shockwave10 offline setup will often fail(It prompts success, but shockwave movies can not be seen yet). very strange. If online setup didn't execute before, Shockwave10 offline setup would alway succeed, no problem.
      Starting online setup is the default mode of shockwave movie, so customers would not download the offline setup program in general, even if you give a hyperlink. Many customers telephoned me directly and said "not work!", and then give up visiting the movie. I feel headache for that.
      I think many of you had met this program. What did you do for that?