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    Adaptable Layout with Digital and Print


      I am designing my portfolio and would like to create two different layouts with the same document.


      Layout 1: Digital PDF that is like a one-page website where there are not several pages, just one long one that you scroll through

      Layout 2: The long sheet PDF is able to break into pages to fit Letter size paper when printed.


      My beginning solution was to make a single long page document in InDesign then use the poster setting in Adobe Acrobat. But this isn't always reliable and some people don't have acrobat.


      My theoretical solutions that I need advice on is if I could create page breaks in a long single page document that would be read when trying to print it (but would keep the homogenous single page when read digitally), or to create multiple pages for the print version that would then combine as a single long page when opened digitally? Would liquid layouts be a solution? Or is there another method?

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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't think you'll get the "magically automatic" conversion between "paper formats" as you describe. To truly get both behaviors you'd need 2 different documents.


          To have only one file, you'd have to choose:

          1. Create your layout on a long, continuous page, and print (or instruct others to print) it at actual size on "tiled" pages."
          2. Create the file with separate pages as normal, then in Acrobat, set the Initial View (File > Properties > Initial View...) to Single Page Continuous, which gives you the continuous scrolling you want, with small but visible spaces between the pages.