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    First time user, can't save


      Using PE 14 on Windows 10.  I cannot get it saved to a USB or a DVD.  Either the programs stops working and I have to exit, or it ran all night 15+ hours and still didn't save, or it saved and then said the file was corrupt.  Thx.

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Would you please describe the procedures you are using?  The computer you are using?  The source of the video files you are using?  Something about the project itself?  How you installed the software?  And, everything else.  Being brief does not work.  Make it full of detail!


          This is a user forum about software that is highly reliable for thousands of users.  You need to give clues for the guessing game to begin!

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            amyr5400786 Level 1

            ASUS laptop using Windows 10. Bought software (PE 14) and installed on PC with the disc provided.  Imported video/voice from a video recorder. Created a training video on the Quick timeline.  Placed several markers throughout to create "chapters" but did not put a marker at the end.  Used the Tools menu to create a movie with scene selection.  Fixed the overlapping scene buttons.  Saved. Resolution is 1280x720, file size is 3.73 GB, duration is 1 hr, 24 min, 47.47 sec, file extension is .mp4. Went to Quick Export put a new 8G USB in and changed my destination to that drive (F: in my case).  It says it's saving video and rendering media. I've had it saving for about 20 minutes now and it is only at 2%.

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              What kind of "video recorder"?

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                amyr5400786 Level 1

                Canon HD VIXIA HF R300

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                  whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                  I've not made DVDs for awhile.  Some of this might be guessing.  If any other users are following, please jump in and help Amy out. 


                  Premier Elements should have no issues with output from that camcorder.   Output to DVDs can be tricky.  It is not uncommon for people to struggle with that.  The computer maker, optical drive maker, operating system and actually DVD type all introduce variables that can make Premier Elements look bad.  If the optical drive "drivers" or software is malfunctioning it can be confusing to track that down.


                  Outputting to a MP4 playable computer file is more predictable.  Frequent glitches occur when the source files, project settings and output setting aren't matched.  I don't recognize the 1280x720 file size because I assume the current standard to match the TVs of the last 10 years is 1920x1080.  And, I shoot 60 frames progressive per second. 


                  To start, can you tell me what you had the camera set to and how you set up the project?  Do they match?  And then, when you output, how are you setting that up?  


                  When you are working on your project is there a yellow line above the timeline?  If so, it can indicate a mismatch. 


                  Can you describe your computer a little more?  There are lots of ASUS models.   I use an ASUS laptop for video editing.  Knowing it was going to be for HD video editing it was relatively expensive.   I hope it is not the case, but even if a computer meets minimum Adobe specs for simple projects, it is possible that a "minimum" computer can choke on a complicated project.


                  Trading text is a weak substitute for personally seeing what is going on.  I hope I'm helping!



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                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I am guessing your 3.7 gig file is in fact larger then 4 gig.

                    You cannot export a file that is bigger then 4 gig to a USB flash drive, assuming that is what the usb drive is.

                    You need to format the flash drive first to be able to use it for large files.


                    Transferring a 4GB or larger file to a USB flash drive or memory card