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    Make folder open page.

      I have seen this before but not sure how to do it.
      I want to open pages without having the .CFM show. So if i go to:

      http://www.mysite.com/searchpage it would load "Searchpage.cfm"

      how can I do this?
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          mike.short Level 1
          You can't do that directly. You can set your web server to return a default page in a folder if no page is specified. This page is generally index.cfm. So your search page would get that name, and you would have the effect you want.

          But you need to make the change in default page at the web server level; there is nothing you can do at the ColdFusion level.
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            CF_output Level 1
            After setting a default page in IIS or whatever server you use, you can pull out the cgi variable from the url. for example www.mysite.com/searchpage. Then it redirects to the default page - on the default page, you need to pull out the CGI variable, such as cgi.path_info, and then do a cf include template = "#your variable#".

            that should get you the effect you need... just search a little on cgi variables and write your default page.