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    Creating Custom Drawer...

    Arthur-Lockman Level 1
      This one is kinda hard to explain. I am creating an app in AIR and have a drawer that accepts images when they are dropped into them. I want to have this drawer first upload the image to the server, then allow the user to select it and tag it with information. While the file is being uploaded, I want an icon to be displayed on top of the image. Once it is uploaded, I want a different icon t be displayed on the image, indicating (if it is true) that it has not been tagged. I know the conditional script to get the icon to change, I just don't know how to get the image to be displayed properly over the other image. I would preferably like the images to be dragged around in the window. So, I also need to know how to send the file information to the server. If anyone can help me, please do. It would be greatly appreciated.