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    Lightroom 6.5.1 crash/import/export/delete tab

    megmacphoto57@aol.com Level 1

      I recently upgraded my computer and Lightroom and have had issues from the go. I previously used LR5 and never crashed. My new computer was built by a friend who specializes in IT and building computer's. I dont have the specs in front of me but here are a few: i7 , Radeon R7,windows 10 and 32 gb of RAM. Several frustrating things are going on. Importing 1:1 previews are twice as slow as lesser computer I replaced. Exporting files (not even original size, lets say 6mb) is twice as long, several crashes at random times but with every use. And lastly at times I can not delete two photos in a row without first zooming in and out. This seems to clear out after awhile and eventually whether fixed by the crash or not it goes back to working properly. We have both been scratching our heads and cant figure this out. He has looked thru the computer all appears to be running smooth. Is there anyone who might have had simular issues and if so offer some help? Thanks