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    Color management against old versions

    burgurhead1812 Level 1

      I recently started a new position which has me doing some simple design work and printing these flyers on a Xerox Workcentre 7225. However, in printing, this work has become not so simple. I printed a set of flyers and the colors are coming out extremely saturated for both color in vector shapes and photos, especially compared to the files of the person who used to do this. She used InDesign CS3 and I am using Illustrator CC 2015 in Windows 10.


      I calibrated the printer, still the same issue. I printed one of the company's old PDFs to compare to a hard copy laying around and it matches, so the issue is somewhere in my Adobe settings.

      • I checked color profiles in Acrobat Output Preview and both are showing as US Web Coated SWOP v2.

      • I tried recreating the document I made in Illustrator in InDesign for images to retain RGB information

      • I tried using RGB spot colors in a CMYK document as the previous person had (which wouldn't explain the variation in photos)

      • I brought both the old PDF and my new PDF into Photoshop for a soft proof and spot checking color values matched

      • I printed the old PDF from Photoshop rather than Acrobat and it no longer matched either hard copy sample I had from before I started or the one I had printed earlier that same day from Acrobat using the old PDF

      • I changed every setting in my PDF export, file settings, anywhere else I could think of


      Nothing is working and I'm beginning to get frustrated. I've worked prepress for a while so I thought I had a good handle on color management, but this is making me feel like the answer is staring me in the face.


      Anyone have any ideas? I have PDFs I can provide if needed. Thanks in advance for any advice.