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    Draggable handles not working.


      Hi, I've made a few characters now for a little series I'm working on. I have enjoyed Character Animator thoroughly but however find myself running into some issues with draggable handles every now and again. The majority of my characters work fine and I follow the workable template for each character. I have attached one which I am currently having issues with. Whenever I try to drag one of his limbs it just pulls out the shape without actually moving it to imitate and arm\leg moving. Any ideas as to why this might not be working? I have spread out his limbs in an attempt to rectify the issue but it has proved unsuccessful.


      Thanks in advance!



      Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 20.44.13.pngleg's movement.

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          If the dragged shapes are moving freely on their own, that says to me they're somehow warp independent or unconnected to the rest of the character.


          Some ideas:

          • In PS, Try putting the arms, chest, neck and legs inside the body group, so it's all part of one mesh. Try adding a + to the top level group and remove it from the Head. The dead space of the shoelaces could potentially be causing issues too - CH doesn't always do well with gaps like that.
          • In CH, try setting the layer mesh to "contour" instead of auto (right properties in puppet panel). Try adding the draggable handles on the level you want to drag (like arms, as opposed to body or elsewhere). Try adding sticks to the arms and see if that helps give structure.


          If none of this works, feel free to DM me the file as a creative cloud / dropbox / google drive link and I can take a closer look.