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    How do I troubleshoot Internet connection issues?


      Today, I attempted to use Publish Online to upload one of my personal files.  However, I received this message:

      "Unable to connect to the Internet

      InDesign cannot upload the document to the web because your computer is not connected to the Internet."


      This has happened to me twice, and for the life of me I don't know why because my computer is connected to the Internet.  (Granted, it's DSL and the file would have taken a long time to upload, but still...)  Both times I started the upload and it stopped because of the error.


      I should add that a similar message sometimes shows up when I update a file through Creative Cloud; however, the connection resumes a few seconds later and the update continues from that point.  In contrast, once that error message shows up in relation to InDesign, all my work is thrown out and I have to start again.


      What's the best way to make sure my Internet connection is not interrupted when I try to upload an InDesign file?  I think you're tempted to answer "unplug the modem, wait, then try again."  Except the modem can't be the problem, because right now I'm on the Web typing this up.