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    How to reconstitute a TOC and Index?

      Today I opened up a project no one's touched for a month, and the TOC and Index are missing. Completely gone. Not there at all. I've got no idea what happened, but I need to recover quickly. The topics changed in March are there.

      The last known good backup was in February, and I'm wondering whether there are TOC and Index files that I can just lift from that backup and copy into the current .xpj. I do not want to roll back to the February state of the topics unless I have to But the TOC and expecially the index are way more work than the changes to the topics are. I've looked through the project directory with all it's alphabet soup extensions, and I'm betting that one of them is the TOC file and another is the Index, but I can't identify either.

      Can somebody here help me?


      Stan Stansbury

      I'm running RoboHelp X5 on XP SP2.
        • 1. How to reconstitute a TOC and Index?
          ElisaFnord Level 2
          You're right on target. The TOC and Index are indeed part of the alphabet-soup extension family.

          In RH for HTML, the TOC is <projectname>.hhc and the Index is <projectname>.hhk.

          In RH for Word, I'm reasonably sure the TOC is <projectname>.cnt. I'm not sure there is a separate index file (which probably means you're working in RH for HTML).

          I believe that with these files, all you have to do to include them in the project is copy them to the project file.

          Good luck!
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            stansab Level 1
            Thanks, Elisa. I copied the backup .hhc and .hhk into the project and all is well. All I have to redo now is add the revised topics to the TOC and Index, which is practically no work at all.