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    importing and exporting jpegs in lightroom


      Hi I am not sure if you can help me or not. I have the newest lightroom which I am still learning to use. I always used photoshop only up until this point to do all of my editing. I know I know I have been wasting time lol. Anyhow, I imported my jpegs into light room and edited them I then exported them. The file sized increased somehow from the size i imported them in.  So I then exported them again and decreased the quality from 100 to 55 and it made them smaller. I would leave them all as huge files but I can't load to my pixieset gallery hosting. I do need to keep them big high res files for printing for my clients. Anyhow my question is what am I doing wrong?  I need a step by step guide on the basics of importing and exporting high res images for my clients to be able to bring large.  Also, are there any rules I need to know so i am saving correctly.  i am used to editing in photoshop and then just pressing save and that is that.  Soon I plan to shoot in raw and i need the step by step guide on how to import, edit and export those files as well.  Thanks so much!!!