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    Lightroom 6.6. Congratulations Adobe, you just made Lightroom unusable!


      Hi, Everyone,


      Lightroom 6 has always worked really slow ( iMac 2015 27inch Retina with 24MB RAM ), especially the brush tool, spot removal and detail menu but it was bearable ( super annoying tho ). This morning I get the notification to update to the version 6.6 and I thought after so many complains Adobe might have fixed some of these speed issues....but the opposite happened. Now it's just ridiculous! I feel like I'm working on a computer from the 90's! It takes 5 seconds just to show me the             " Selected Mask Overlay " of the brush ( the red layer to show you where you have painted with the brush ). I can't use the brush or spot removal tool fluently anymore. Just to show the preview in Medium or Low quality takes 4 to 5 seconds to render it.... and I could go on. I have increased the cache to 20Gb as well, but nothing seems to improve the situation,GPU OFF, GPU ON.... Everything.


      Does anybody else have these issues?


      Does Adobe plan on fixing this? Or is Lightroom going to be good for PC users only? Or are they doing this so we keep updating the computers every few months just to retouch a picture?


      Lightroom is getting, or it's already gotten a very expensive software that doesn't work the way it should, it's not a professional tool anymore, and it's becoming like the cheap apps you buy for the phone just to discover that what they say in the description is nothing like the real thing.


      I have been using Adobe Lightroom for 5 years now and I have seen it getting worse and worse, yes, they add more tools and stuff, but that's just whistles and bells if they do not optimize them to perform....I don't understand it and I'm very disappointed.


      If anyone has this problem, or even better, a solution, that would be great.