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    How can I use SCROM 2004 4th edition with Presenter?


      We are currently implementing Success Factors and iContent and are thus converting all our e-learning content – made in Captivate and some in Presenter - to SCORM 2004.


      In Captivate I can choose which SCORM 2004 edition I want, however this is not an option in Presenter (I currently use version 8, but others in my company use
      version 9 and have the same problem). In Presenter I can choose SCORM 2004, but not the edition.


      My problem is that iContent does not support 3rd edition, and Presenter version 8 and 9 uses 3rd edition according to an error we get from iContent, when we try to upload the ZIP-files.


      Can anyone tell me how to select SCORM 2004 4th edition in Presenter, e.g. if this if possible in a newer version of Presenter?