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    After Effects NVIDIA Quadro M5000 Unsupported Problem


      Hi guys,


      i have a problem with my Nvidia Quadro M5000.

      I checked for the last card and CUDA firmware update but i dint' solve my problem.


      It seems that the card isn't supported by After Effects but is one of the best video card for Adobe :/


      In attachment two pics that show the After Effects screen and the workstation specs





      Workstation Specs:


      Windows 10 pro

      Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640 v3 @2.60ghz

      64gb Ram

      Nvidia Quadro M5000

      1tb ssd


      Could you explain me why tha card seeme unsupported?


      Thank you very much


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          BartonGarrett256 Level 3

          It's a long, sad story.  I'm sure the experts will provide all the details, but the short answer is Adobe has an old technology that they have given up on and are not really using but it drives the "approved " list of cards, and no one uses them.  The approved cards are expensive and useless. 


          My understanding is a new generation of video cards is due this month that are supposed to be amazingly fast and not too expensive.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I am speaking as a business owner that is extremely aware of the true cost of doing business and NOT as an employee or representative of Adobe.


            NVIDIA completely changed direction in their CUDA GPU development which threw a wrench into further development of CUDA accelerated Ray-traced rendering by the Adobe Team. Better options for getting objects into AE were being developed and Ray-traced rendering using CUDA acceleration was not living up to expectations anyway. Rather than limit further 3D development to one manufacturer of GPU cards and drivers and completely retool the existing Ray-traced rendering engine to NVIDIA's  completely new system Adobe wisely decided that the greatest service they could do for their customer base was to devote the resources necessary to try and update a rendering engine for a small percentage of their user base based on a technology that was basically abandoned by the GPU manufacturer to a more efficient system.


            We now have C4d integration and it's more powerful by far and has many more features than Ray-traced rendering ever would. Personally I never used Ray-traced rendering for a single project I was getting paid for. Even though I have computers with fully supported CUDA GPU's, it was still too slow to work with and too glitchy to ever use on a project I expected to make a living on. I did a few fun tests to fulfill my curiosity, but that was about it. 

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              Have you ever had any luck with this issue since it was posted?