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    Make ANY effect Composite on/with Original?


      Hi, I'm new in this world and I have one issue about effects in AE.


      Like the title says, how can I make any effect transparent with the layer? Some effects has option called Composite on/with Original but some of them don't.


      For example CC Rainfall and Advanced Lightning has this option but Foam effect don't...


      I will provide some pics so I can make it easier to you guys to understand what I want.


      Thanks in advance!Capture.PNG       Capture2.PNG

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That's not possible nor would it make make much sense for a particle effect that dissolves a layer into tiny bits. It would look rather iffy if the dispersing pieces revealed the same layer, after all, don't you think? Beyond that the whole point of "compositing" in the truest sense of the meaning is that you stack layers on top of other and use transparency, blending modes, mattes etc. to combine them even if it often means using duplicates, extra solids, pre-comping and what ever you can think of. You can't expect everything to be canned effects. AE is way more than a cheap instant effects generator...