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    Validate with setpoint

    martins82060393 Level 1

      Hey guys,


      I am having' some issues with a script, that i need for a report generating pdf document, and were hoping some could help!


      I have a field, where I type my: SetPoint (for example: 37



      Then I have a field, reading before service. This field should validate with the SetPoint.
      But my problem is, that the "validate with SetPoint" must only validate +0.3 from SetPoint and the validate must NOT go below the SetPoint value.



      SetPoint: 37.1
      Reading after Service: 36.9 (this must be RED)


      SetPoint: 37.1
      Reading after Service: 37.4 = RED




      What I have now is: ColorField('YSIReading',ValidateWithSetPoint('TempSetPointESD','YSIReading',0.3));

      But the how do I make it only go: +0.3 , but never -0.3?