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    Guided Upright Tool - Missing [from Lightroom 6.6]

    Paul Tansley Level 1

      Hi - I've upgraded to LR 6.6 standalone version yesterday.


      After a few hiccups, where it kept trying to sign me into using CC - I managed a clean install of LR 6.6


      So, the new Guided Upright Tool - where is it? I have the Transform Panel - where it should be living. But there is no icon (the Hash looking icon) on my screen. What am I missing? I've tried ticking the Enable Profile Corrections, thinking perhaps it turns it on and off - but no. It doesn't. I simply have Upright and Update - but not hash icon to the left of them, as I've seen in other screenshots demonstrating it.



      Any ideas what's wrong here and how to fix it?