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    How can I get an Adobe X Pro response file to add pdf forms with Javascript?

    RDY 85 Level 1

      I've created a submission form with Adobe X Pro for my business unit to submit statistical data to my department. I did not use the Adobe distribution tool because I wanted to set up multiple email recipients via a dynamic submission button. I am looking for the best way to collect all the emailed pdf submissions into a response file.


      The problem I am running into with the current workflow is that I have to save each individual pdf onto a dedicated folder, and rename the individual files because they are all the same, and then manually add the files onto a response file. I would then extract the data monthly into an excel spreadsheet.


      Is there a way to use JavaScript to automatically add the emailed pdf into a response file (similar to how the Adobe distribution tool works)?


      Is there a more efficient way I should be doingthis process to begin with??


      Thank you!